Artheo Capital Partners is a growth investor. We are looking for founder-led companies where the controlling shareholders are looking to exit for non-financial reasons. We are happy to structure the purchase of your company for a win/win.

Benefits to the seller and the other stakeholders of the company:

Exit on flexible terms

If you looking to sell control of your company you may want to retain a relationship with the company and your former employees without any of the responsibilities for day to day running of the company and value creation. A financial exit allows you to diversify your net worth and monetise the value created from decades of hardwork without losing touch with the friends you have developed and the industry that gave you purpose.

Business partners may want to retire. Financial objectives can be different across the shareholder base.  Artheo Capital Partners is happy to sit with you, other shareholders and work out how we can offer flexible terms.


A partner to tackle challenges

Artheo Capital Partners is not only a financial investor but also an experienced operator with varied sector experience and a broad network of contacts.  We are able to bring turnaround experience, cost-reduction tool-kits, automation know-how and business growth know-how to help increase company value rapidly.


Staged investments

In addition to purchasing a controlling stake which will allow certain shareholders to exit the business, we will retain investment capital to fund expansive and maintenance capital investments required to grow the business. Investment in capex will be disciplined and based on strategic insight.


Patient equity

Larger private equity buyers will be looking for an exit within 3-5 years with a 7-10 year horizon if things don’t go to plan. Listed companies may require short term results within 3 months to six months depending on where the trade buyer is listed or head-quartered. We think short-termism creates risks for sellers or entrepreneurs who retain a stake in the business. Artheo Capital Partners are happy to invest patient equity.


Network of business relationships

Solving business problems is not only about looking inwards but also involves partnering with non-executives, advisers, suppliers, existing customers, prospective customers, acquisition targets, acquirers and financiers.


Incentives for loyal and key employees

Bringing in growth capital and growth strategies will provide an opportunity to incentivise and retain loyal and key executives. Growing the company will also provide training and motivational opportunities for other employees within the business.